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In this second part, I wanted to finish sharing how the past three months have gone, in regard to my new hobby and plant-based diet. I'll also share my favorite local restaurant and grocery stores here in Reno. Hobby So, after three months of playing tennis, how has it been going? It's been a lot of … Continue reading Results–Continued


Final Results

So, my three-month trial is coming to an end. I haven't eaten dairy or meat of any kind for these past 90 days, except maybe that whole sleeve of Girl Scout cookies I thought were vegan (yet "forgot" to verify before eating the last one). Sacrifices That has meant NO PIZZA. Well, no pizza with … Continue reading Final Results

Challenges for Learners of English

As you've read in my foreign language posts, English is the new global language. While it only has 400 million native speakers, close to 2 billion speak it with some degree of proficiency.  Like any language, English presents learners with difficulties, such as pronunciation, grammar, and spelling to name a few. Why is this? Foreign … Continue reading Challenges for Learners of English

Where Y’all From? Success Continued

In part one, I talked about how regional accents are perceived, and how they can affect your professional life in the United States. Being a superpower comes with certain perks, but in our case, certain downsides too– the majority of Americans are monolingual. Some who live on the northern and southern border tend to be … Continue reading Where Y’all From? Success Continued