About Me

I’ve worked directly with customers for twenty years. These experiences have taught me to excel in anticipating, thereby exceeding, the expectations of clients. My travels have given me insight into different cultures, further improving my ability to connect and serve the international community.

My undergraduate studies focused on International Relations and Economic Policy. I specialized in the cultures and languages of South America and Eastern Europe, specifically Spanish and Russian. My secondary studies included Italian, French, Portuguese, and Polish. While studying counseling at the graduate level I’ve refined my communication skills. As an MBA student, I will draw upon all of these experiences to further hone my skills.

I enjoy traveling, reading, laughing, and learning new things. I have recently started playing tennis and I am on a quest to better myself, in order to live longer, be happier, and have a career that I can enjoy, and prosper in, for a long time to come.


If you’d like to learn more about me, please view my brief video from my Youtube channel.