Injuries hurt. Not only because of the obvious physical pain, but they can take you away from your favorite hobby, affect your sleep, and kill productivity. I've been reminded of this recently; according to my doctor, I pinched a nerve and lightly tore a muscle. This translates into me being heavily grumpy and not exercising … Continue reading Injuries


Vegan Pizza–Blasphemy?

Pizza. This beautiful word was first mentioned in a Latin text from 997 AD. A citizen was to give the bishop of Gaeta "duodecim pizze" or twelve pizzas, every Christmas, and an additional twelve every Easter. The bishop was a very lucky guy. Everyone knows that pizza made its way from Italy, specifically Naples. In 2009, … Continue reading Vegan Pizza–Blasphemy?

Where Y’all From? Success Continued

In part one, I talked about how regional accents are perceived, and how they can affect your professional life in the United States. Being a superpower comes with certain perks, but in our case, certain downsides too– the majority of Americans are monolingual. Some who live on the northern and southern border tend to be … Continue reading Where Y’all From? Success Continued